Problems Haitian Create For Haiti

Posted by Ivan Yglesia on June 16, 2019 at 5:35 PM

1. They cut all the trees

3. They don't plant trees

4. They burn tress

5. Dry out no water

6. More heat no trees no winds

7. No construction since no trees

8. Rioting destroying everything properties

9. Blaming someone else for their misery

10. They cannot govern themselves

11. Haiti needs to be recolonize

They cut all the trees and they don't plant new trees to compensate for the one they already cut. Which causes dry out out

and since there's no trees the weather gets hotter. Also nothing grows in the land because the lack of water and trees. And they have a huge construction problem because they can't build anything they have no lumber. They burn trees to make charcoal and sell it to Dominican Republic for little money. Also they riot every day and cause havoc on the private and public properties by burning them they always burn cars for no reason. And they start blaming someone else for everything they do. They never see that they keep destroying Haiti. That's one reason people fear investing money they will never have their investment secured. These people cannot govern themselves they need to become a colony again and allow non-black to lead them to a better future. If not they will as a 4th world nation for ever.

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